Small Business

If you're looking for a couple of pizzas we will work with you to organize the perfect time and the amount of food needed.

We provide plates, napkins and plastic-ware upon request.

Large Business

If you're looking to feed a lot of people at one time, Pizza Man of Crystal has plenty of experience in such matters.

Discounts are issued based on the size of the order. We do our best to make serving pizza easy!

Group Discounts

Do you have a birthday party, graduation party, work party, moving party, etc? Well we will work with you to put together a pizza package that makes dollars AND sense!


We recognize the value in saving a few dollars! So we've gone ahead a created some online offers that you can find only on our website!



It's one thing for us to bring food to you; we're here for that too! But when you come to see us, it's only fair we give you some incentives.



Just because we're known as a 'small' family style pizzeria, doesn't mean we aren't feisty. We can handle large (800+ppl) or small business orders and we offer price breaks based on quantity.